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Finding a reasonably priced laptop screen repair / replacement service can be a challenge of it's own; if you call your computer manufacturer, they will most likely quote an unreasonably high price (around $400+). We guarantee to be one of the most competitively priced screen replacement service available. Our quote will usually be half of what the manufacturer quoted prices are as we deal with volume screen changes. You will get the original manufacturer recommended screen installed and have your laptop back in less time than shipping it to the manufacturer. We have a large variety of screens readily available. Screen replacement (if part is in stock) takes approx. 24-48hrs. If we have to order the screen we will let you know of the cost and time required. Give us a call or get a free online quote below to get your screen problem fixed.

We repair and replace laptop screens for all laptop makes and models. The laptop screen we replace is the same screen model installed by the laptop manufacturers. We sell only genuine original laptop screens. No generic. No fake.

- All screens are brand new
- Up to 5 Years Warranty
- Most standard size screens replacements done within 24-48 hrs
- We've been doing this for over 12 years and have experience with every make and model laptop

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Information / Symptoms on various screen problems

There could be several different problems with LCD screens. Some problems are fixable and some require the LCD panel to be replaced. It is important to diagnose your problem before taking any radical action. Finding out the exact problem should be your first step towards successful repair.

Dead Pixels
Your screen might appear to have small black spots, but quite often it is just dirt and can be easily removed with proper cleaning. Turn your computer off prior to cleaning. It is best to use a lint-free clean microfiber cloth with distilled water, or tap water as a last resort. Using a regular cleaning cloth might introduce dust and abrasive particles, which can further damage the screen. As well please don't use any type of solvents, since those might damage the LCD coating and make the problem even worse.

If the screen still appears to have small black spots, or if the spots are white or colorized, after cleaning, those can quite likely be "dead pixels". Dead pixels can be caused by manufacturing defects, excessive pressure on the screen, or may develop over time as the LCD panel ages. There are a few classifications for dead pixels, which affect the reparability of the LCD panel. "Dead pixels" can be stuck, hot or dead. Depending on the condition of the pixel it may or may not be repairable. Stuck or hot pixels may return to working condition over time, or if powered on/off a few times in rapid succession. You can use pixel-fixing software to run patterns on your screen to get potentially stuck pixels back into operation.

There are few different solutions and advises on the Internet regarding "dead pixels", some of which are valid, like visual pattern generating software. Some solutions involve using excessive heat on the LCD panel, which is never recommended. Using your own discretion spend some time to try the different solutions prior to considering an LCD panel replacement. In the end, truly dead pixels cannot be revived and replacing the screen is the only option to permanently repair such problems.

Scratches on Screen
Another common complaint with LCD panels is the appearance of scratches; which can develop easily if the screen is put to heavy use, or is not properly cared for. Every LCD panel is coated with a finishing solution, which is meant to reduce fingerprints, reflect light differently and to protect the fragile components. If the coating is scratched deeply, you will not be able to repair it. Using CD scratch remover solutions will actually dissolve the coating further, and transform a scratch into an unsightly spot. The only true method of fixing cosmetic appearance problems is replacement.

Your LCD panel might be darker then when purchased, appear to flicker, or display lines or other image imperfections; in these cases it is always recommend to make sure the problem is with the screen and not somewhere on the laptop. It is best to connect your laptop to an external monitor to make sure that none of these problems are showing - if they are, it is much likelier that your laptops video chip is failing and the problem will persist even after an LCD replacement.

Dim Screen
Certain problems like dimming, flickering or appearing to have no backlight can be related to a faulty inverter board, or a lightbulb inside the LCD panel. Inverter replacement is a much cheaper procedure and should be considered ahead of LCD replacement. Back-light replacement, although possible, is not recommended, due to high difficulty and a very likely inadequate picture quality, like dark spots, inconsistent colours or low light output. When getting an LCD replacement, the back-light is part of the one piece LCD panel module, and is installed by the factory to provide the best picture quality.

Screen is CRACKED / Broken

We do Dell, HP Compaq, Toshiba, Acer, IBM Lenovo, Sony, Gateway, Apple, Asus screen replacements. Please use the above form to obtain an online quote for your laptop screen replacement repair.


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